Twinkle Toes cleaning out everyone's dishes. I thought she was 3-5 months old & she was a year. What a tiny girl
A little girl Calico Miss Twinkle Toes got lost week & I brought her in until we could find her owner.
It was much easier when they helped as little babies. They still love to clean house.
My goodness I am cute --- whatever I do--OK maybe my mom just loves me a LOT?
We also love to imitate our biggest brother
I love to drape over the edge of things & show off
I am a brat & like to do what the big boys do
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    Oh, my love
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    Samson was always your love wikki!! This week a year ago the catmoji world was still awaiting their appearance
I love garbage cans---I am SOOOOOO cute
gee maybe I need to get higher in life and find better hidey spots


Today I am tired very much