Quick Guide

Unfamiliar to Catmoji? OK, these are the things that you can do.

Share and express your thoughts or feelings

Share and Collect

Whether it is a picture of your cat wearing sunglasses or some funny cat videos on Youtube, collect and share them with the catmunity.

Reshare, Like and Comment

Found something interesting on Catmoji? Reshare them to your followers, like them as your favorites or say meow by leaving a comment.

Find interesting stuff that you like, easily
Find interesting stuff that you like, easily

Express Yourself

Let the catmunity knows what you think and feel about the pictures and videos on Catmoji through emoji.

Follow and Subscribe

Build your ultimate cat feeds by following interesting users or subscribing to collections that you like.

Share and express your thoughts or feelings
Find interesting stuff that you like, easily

Discover More

Browse, not just new or hot but also what others are sharing based on their expressions. You might be the first to discover the next viral cat video.

Unlock Badges

Complete certain tasks and unlock super catsome badges. Are you up for the challenge to be the king of badges?

Share and express your thoughts or feelings
Find interesting stuff that you like, easily

Earn Catokens

Get rewarded with Catokens for being a catsome user on Catmoji. Collect them now and you will be able to use them later!

Getting Started

The Basics

What is Catmoji?

Catmoji is a place for cat lovers to share and discover cat pictures and videos by expressing themselves through emoji.

What is a post?

A post on Catmoji is either a picture or video shared by users through other websites or direct upload from their computer.

How to share a new post

Click on the "Share" button located at the top navigation bar. You can share pictures by uploading them from your computer or submit the link of the cat picture hosted on other websites. To share videos, you have to submit the link to the video hosted on third party video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Enter the appropriate caption, select a suitable collection and the emoji that best describes your thoughts or feelings.

What is "Reshare"?

Resharing lets you easily share pictures or videos you find interesting on Catmoji with your followers.

How to reshare a post

Click on the "Reshare" button on any post. You can either change the original caption or leave it as it is, select a collection and the emoji that best describes your thoughts or feelings.

How to edit or delete a post

Click on the "Wrench" button on the post you shared/reshared.

Emoji and Expressions

What is Emoji?

Emoji is the Japanese term for the picture characters or emoticons. You can read more on Wikipedia. On Catmoji, they are visual representations of thoughts or feelings towards cat pictures and videos.

What type of emoji that are available?

There are five types — Cute, Funny, Happy, Sad and Surprise.

What is "Expression"?

Expression is the way you express your thoughts or feelings through emoji. For example, you feel happy when you see a contented cat, so you express it with the Happy emoji.

How to add expression

On any post, mouse over to the purple smiley icon and click on either the Cute, Funny, Happy, Sad or Surprise emoji. Choose an emoji that matches your expression.


What is a "Collection"?

Collection makes it easy for you to organize the pictures and videos you share or reshare. For example, you can have a collection named "Super Ginger Cats" and save all the ginger cat pictures and videos into this collection.

How to add a collection

You can add a new collection during sharing or resharing. Click on the "Choose a collection" dropdown, type in your collection name and click the "Add" button.

How to edit or delete collection

Go to your Collection's page and click on the "Edit" button of the collection that you want to edit.

Following and Subscribing

What is "Follow" and "Subscribe"?

On Catmoji, you can follow users or subscribe to any collections. Posts from the users you followed or collections you subscribed to will appear on your feeds.

How to follow users or subscribe to collections

To follow a user, click the "Follow" button. To subscribe to a collection, click the "Subscribe" button.

What are the differences between following a user and subscribing to a collection?

By following a user, you are subscribed to all of the user's posts. On the other hand, by subscribing to a collection, you are only subscribed to posts of this collection.


How to add a comment

In thumbnail view, click on the "Comment" icon. In full size view, simply enter your comment in the comment textbox.

What is the maximum length of a comment?

1000 characters.

How to delete a comment

You can only delete comments when viewing in full size. Mouse over to the comment that you want to delete and click the "x" button located at the top right corner.

Getting Awesome


What is Catvatar?

Catvatar is the graphical representation of the users on Catmoji. It is also your identity on Catmoji. Simply put, it is like avatar but more awesome!

What are the available catvatars?

Basic Catvatars — American Shorthair, Basement, British Shorthair, Calico, Chimera, Cowcat, Cream, Ginger, Grey Tabby, Longhair, Maine Coon, Mixed Tabby, Persian, Ragdoll, Scottish Fold, Siamese, Sphynx, Tabby, Tortie, Tuxedo and Whitey.

Special Catvatars — Happy Cat and Nyanta Claus.

How to change catvatar

You can change your Catvatar under Settings > Catvatar


What are Badges?

Badges are visual representations of your achievements on Catmoji. For example, you unlock the Verified Email badge for verifying your email. While it is not a must to unlock all badges, it is fun to unlock them.

What are the available badges?

You can check the available badges under your profile.


What is "Catoken"?

Catokens are the shiny virtual tokens in Catmoji. Its real purpose will be revealed in near future.

How to get Catokens

You get 10 catokens on sign up. You can get more through achievements, usually by unlocking badges.


How can I get an invite to join Catmoji?

Two ways. Request for an invite here or get invited by existing Catmoji users. Search around on Twitter or Facebook and ask them to send you one.

I've requested for an invite. How long does it takes to receive one?

Usually less than a week but it also depends on the number of requests we had. It might be a little longer.

Can I have a custom catvatar or one for my cat?

Yes, if you or your cat is a superstar cat. We will try to fullfil as many requests as possible. Get in touch!

What is the difference between "Like" and "Reshare"?

If you like something on Catmoji, you can "Like" and/or "Reshare" it. Liking something will keep it in your Like page. Whereas, when resharing something, your are sharing it with your followers.

How can I know how many times my posts have been viewed?

Currently we do not disclose view count to users.

How Catmoji grabs pictures and/or videos from a link?

This was done automagically using Embedly. Without Embedly, our catnicians will not enjoy their nap time as they do now.

Why some pictures or videos didn't show up on the share form?

There might be several reasons. One of the reasons is that the picture's size is smaller that 200px width.

Can I watermark a picture shared through a link?

No. You can only add watermark to pictures you upload from your computer.

What can I do with my Catokens?

Nothing at the moment. But you will be able to "spend" your hard earned catokens in the future. If you have suggestions, feel free to email us.

Can I remove my "Expression" on a post?

No. Once you have expressed your "Expression" on a post, you can only change it by selecting the preferred Emoji.


Do follow these guidelines

These guidelines are in place to make this community a better place for all. Plus, helping you to be a catsome user on Catmoji. So, please keep in mind the dos and don'ts.

Do share cats and cat-related content only

Catmoji is all about cats. So share anything about cats, and cats only. Non related content will be removed without notice and the user might be banned.

Avoid vandalism

Put effort in captioning your cat pictures and videos. It is inappropriate to submit captions and comments that lack of content.

Do give credit where credit is due

It's not that hard at all. When sharing, just use the original link/source that contains the content that you want to share. Also, when uploading, please don't watermark pictures that are not yours.

Do behave and respect others

This is a community for all of us. So, always be good, be polite and respect other Catmoji members. Remember, you earn respect by respecting others.

Do enjoy and have fun

Catmoji's mission is to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats. This wouldn't be achieved if you are not having fun and enjoying yourself. So go and have fun!

Don't spam

At Catmoji, we focus on quality over quantity and certainly we do not tolerate spam. Nobody likes spammers anyway. So please don't try to spam or else you will be banned.

Don't beg for likes, reshares, comments, etc.

Having more likes, reshares, comments or followers make you more catsome but earning those from begging others is a no-no. Share great stuff and those will come.

Don't share anything illegal

Never, ever share content that is deemed illegal, not safe for work (NSFW), offensive, racist, violence, or anything that will offend or cause discomfort among other users.